When I say “it’s literally been years”- it actually has been. How the hell are you?! I seriously want to know the deets, all the goss. As Ms. George would say “What is up? What’s the 411? What has everybody been listening to? What are the cool jams? What’s the hot gossip? Tell me everything. Ugh you girls keep me young” But seriously—tell me all the juice.

All has been well over @thewiederlightheadquarters. Pursuing living my #mybestlife as if it’s a damn full-time job. Lots of courses, traveling, pleasure pursuing adventures and business is booming. You remember, my business, We The Light, right? If you forgot, no sweat: WTL is a spiritual, self-help company for the modern gal to find her zen. With that being the business model; we achieve that goal through an assortment of ways including life coaching, online courses that I have created, healing sessions, hosting my radio show”Shine School” which is live on Sirus Radio & Blog Talk Radio and public speaking around the country. I do love every aspect of the biz- but as you can imagine, I have a soft spot for public speaking; it’s SUPAAAA similar to acting.

Every time I give a talk, it’s like I am putting on a mini play; lots of creation goes into the experience and between you and me, my secret sauce is using a similar format to a one-woman show. It really is a freaking blast. My absolute favorite places that I have spoken at so far has been: NYFW, Galore Magazine, ABC News and for the United Nations. No, this is not a drill, I repeat this is not a drill. Isn’t that wild?! Someone allowed me to speak at the UN. I have to be real with you- I had to watch my f-bombs so I didn’t sound like a drunken sailor up there. As much as I poke fun, when it is all said and done, the talks always go really well. Yes, I am a funny gal,(hair toss) but you know me when it comes to my work; I take nothing more seriously than my career and being in integrity with my craft. No BS- what a gift it is to mix deep spirituality with stand up comedy and acting. #blessings #quicksomeonedialSNL

In regards to acting; I have completely changed my relationship to the craft, getting really specific with what was working and what wasn’t. During this process my career got a total UPGRADE; facelift- botox- lash to your eyebrows makeover. #letmeupgradeya During this time of reflection and change, I have signed with a new manager, Denise Hartigan who I am obsessed with. Together, Denise and I have a similar vision for where my career is and where I desire to go. In addition to this awesome news, I was called in for a new FOX TV show with director Ryan Murphy of Glee 
and American Horror Story. New managers, callbacks, classes- OH MY! It’s been a really exciting ride the last few months meeting some amazing industry peeps, perfecting my craft in workshops and classes, and working on the actual business of acting. It’s been extremely rewarding to marry both the artistry of acting with my spiritual practice. This time has allowed me to step into who I have always wanted to be as both an entrepreneur and a performer.

All of this feels like MAGIC. Maybe it’s the time of year; feeling cracked out on Christmas cookies and hallmark specials, we all got that lil glimmer in our eyes. Hopeful for a new year that will be filled with more joy and peace. For me, I think it’s a mixture of both sugar plums dancing round my head and finding that special sauce. Call me a Mcdonald’s Big Mac but I feel like “this perfect recipe” has manifested as the aha moment in body, mind, spirit, art and biz. To work daily doing the things that light me up, honestly makes me feel #blessed. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for adding so much magic to my life. Now, I ask YOU— what brings magic to your life? where can you add more? what do you need to let go of before the new year? how would you act and how would you show up if you knew that you were a magical being? #yerawizardharry

Hey, for real: thank you for being part of my tribe.
sending hugs, happiness and holiday cheer your way.

Love, Light & Laughter,

Erica Wiederlight
Spiritual & Lifestyle Entrepreneur