This year, when January 1st approached, I did all my fun rituals to bring in that good juju, or as my dad tells people “ she was doing her voodoo witch shit.” #slightlytrue. Ego kept shaking off words that kept coming up during reflection. These words were: listening, honor, detox, and the goddess kali (who is the queen of endings and beginnings). I was like cool cool, that sounds good and fun but yeah no, what about: manifest, health, money, success. YIKES. Not that these other words are bad but a part of me wanted to stay on that superficial plane, fearful of really deep diving inward. Yet, the universe bat her eyelashes and said “boo boo, you be ready.”

Right: I WAS ready, higher self was prepared, it wouldn’t be the most “comfortable”, but she was locked and loaded. The wild part was I had been preparing like a competitive spiritual olympian,I had all of the best, name brand tools in my sparkly, spiritual tool box. Yet, ego was such a suspicious b,  she wanted me to conveniently forget that I even had the toolbox in the first place- you feel me? But I remembered: girl. You got that toolbox. jump in. What is in your handy dandy toolkit you may ask? For me personally- meditation, yoga, clean eating, dancing, singing, BREATHING, my coaches, family, online spiritual courses, coming back to myself, self love, journaling, affirmations, eft tapping, acim, mindfulness, GOD, the list goes on and on. It doesn’t really matter what specifically was in the toolbox: it’s the knowing that there is one, there’s support. I didn’t have to do it alone, and I am here to tell you- neither do you. Neither do you. 

The outside suffering and pain in our exterior world can feel so real and so hurtful, and I am not taking away that human rawness you may be feeling. I am here to tell you though, I am here for you and I promise you there’s an assortment of resources you can lean on during the good, bad and ugly times. It would sound dramatic to say that a spiritual practice saved and completely changed my life, but it’s the truth. This practice enhanced the good times and this practice made me a stable, functioning being when shit got rough. As someone who suffered from massive anxiety and paralyzing fear in the past: I truly can not express what this practice has given me. 

I promise, it can be simple, the healing process can occur when we have the resources to align ourselves back to joy and love. I know you may be like, Erica, that sounds cool but I don’t even have a single tool, let alone a whole freaking BOX. So here’s the deal: I have now created one for you, what what! Through this time of detoxing, releasing and rebuilding, I realized the importance of the basics. Which is why I felt the pull to put my other shiz to the side and create a space for you to get back to your practice, that I can promise if you stick to, can seriously change your life. Without further adieu…  

I introduce: My VIP 1:1 Coaching Program, Happy Hour. 

The private coaching package includes:

  • thirteen 60 minute deep dive sessions over 6 months
  • both of my digital courses for free, forevaaa
  • unlimited email support and resources
  • fourteen deep dive homework assignments
  • one customized spiritual package delivered to your front door. including: books, resources, jewelry, etc.
  • bonus: one free 60 minute angel card reading 

 This package was a labor of love, made from my heart and soul. I stand behind this service 120 percent, I have seen clients transform when opening themselves up to the work, and I know you can.  

If you feel inspired to choose your best life, listen to the call. Your mind might be racing a mile a minute.. Do I really need coaching? Is it worth it? I encourage you to take a deep breathe and listen to your heart. If you are really ready to live in your truth and deeply love yourself; Your body knows the answer. Feel the fear, and do it anyway baby. You were born for more than the breadcrumbs.We all need support, love and attention. But to soothe that voice, feel free to check out what the package entails: here. If you are still feeling a little bit shaky, I am happy to hop on the phone with you for a complimentary session so you can feel if this is a good fit for you. I have availability to take on only 5 new clients, so if even a little part of you peeks up, let’s chat, asap. I want you to feel comfortable and excited in your choice.  I can guarantee these spots will be filled by the end of the week, so just RSVP by letting me know you want to chat, and I can hold a spot for you, no strings attached. I love you to the moon and back and remember: you are never alone, and we were meant to walk this journey with others. I always have your back <3 

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Love, Light and Laughter,
Erica Wiederlight 

Creative & Spiritual Lifestyle Entrepreneur
CEO of We The Light, LLC