The delicate balance of taking no shit while choosing love. #forgive #release #rinse #repeat

Ahh- there you are my beautiful, beautiful friend. So tell me: are you feeling the holiday vibes? Before we get into the holiday huzzah…

Let’s talk about it. Can we all agree that the energy is en el fuego recently? Both positive and negative / feminine and masculine energies have been out to playyyyy. This wild mix is pulsing like Carol’s twerking at the annual office Christmas party. She be fierce; sometimes she’s whipping up some cool moves and other times…it ain’t pretty. In the spiritual community, we hear that the feminine energy is rising, coming out to play and wants to hold space.  It’s happening: we are being forced to put our beliefs into practice. “Being” instead of “doing”; “trusting” instead of “manipulating.” We are no longer in the dress rehearsals…this is the damn show! It’s super easy to get caught up with the mindless broad strokes, living life in autopilot: but if the past month has brought anything to light, it’s that we need to REMEMBER how to love and to act accordingly. It’s all about remembering of our truth: that at our core we are all Love. Even da haters. The most potent love is present in the little moments. A miracle is just the transformation from fear to love. Now, sometimes when Ego is running the show, the last place you want to go is to Love. Spirit whispers, “love, love, love!” and ego roars, “fear, hate, separation!” It takes work, but I have to remind myself that Truth is always in the hands of Spirit.

They say that the most hateful people need the most love. I am sure that you can agree that during this time, the last thing you want to do is smoke a peace pipe and hold hands with those whose ideas and values shake you to your core. That’s the point, though. It’s seeing that persons light, even when they have forgotten to turn it on. It’s growth and personal transformation, remembering who we really are and after all sometimes that can be hard work. Hard work that will change you and your life from the inside out, I promise. I seriously recommend choosing love again and again…especially during the hard moments. Let’s try to see each other as brothers. ( I am sure this can apply to any holiday conversations that already are making you cringe.)

Now, I want to make one thing clear: take no shit. Let me repeat: take. no. shit. For years, I confused spirituality with being a doormat. I would laugh off cruel comments, brushing my pain aside. Being spiritual isn’t about suppressing your feelings and allowing others to treat you like a second-class citizen.  Don’t give your power away to people! As the light of feminine energy is rising, so is her power, her Queendom. A queen is hella fierce; she is of service: she takes care of herself and her village, she experiences masculine and feminine energies, she is balanced and aligned.

Instead of wasting your time and efforts on passivity, let’s work that fierce energy towards Love. If this wacky energy that has been circulating isn’t a wake up call, I don’t know what else will be. This is our time to LOVE fiercely. Being a light-worker is not for the faint heart. It takes determination. You pause, you breathe, and you choose again. Every morning ask the Universe, “Hey girl: Help me use my gifts to bring some light into this world. Help me remember that we are one. Help me to teach compassion and love in a healthy way. Don’t let me be dicked around. Universe, where do you want me to bring my service? What do you want me to say and to whom?” We are peace-workers. No one said it was an easy task and yet, it’s our mission, it’s our purpose.

If you are reading this: you heard the call! You are a damn peace warrior! Stick up for yourself, feel your worth, and constantly remind yourself that you are a damn Queen. You’re a queen who creates a fearless, boss-ass life! You’re a queen who gives up your strength to the Universe. You serve the highest Good: you know that wealth, health, success, love, and happiness are your Birthright. Always remember that, baby boo, and for all things holy, remember that Love will always win!

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Love, Light and Laughter,

Erica Wiederlight

Creative & Spiritual Lifestyle Entrepreneur
CEO of We The Light, LLC 

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