I was born a pizza bagel, an Italian Jew, that is, not a Bagel Bite®. Growing up with these two eclectic cultures provided me with an ever-flowing source of priceless material. With a Bronx born mother as gaudy, loud, and ostentatious as Carmella Soprano and a father who’s family fortune sits on selling “fine writing instruments” (essentially billion dollar Bics), I was born to be in show business (yes, my father really does sell pens, from a store, not a trench coat).  With “fine instruments” in hand, my creativity was always stirring, and at a young age I was blessed to work as a child actress on many different T.V. shows. From that first day on set, I was hooked. I drank the crafty Kool-aid and started pursuing la vida loca, starting with my first breakthrough in campy community theater.

My passion has led me to study in New York and Amsterdam and work in New York, New Mexico, Italy, London and France, practicing and performing professionally in musical theatre, TV and film, improv, sketches, voiceovers, commercials and looping.  I am a proud member of both SAG-AFTRA and Actors’ Equity and a true “character” for all.